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Who never got a little bit angry with some silly things in our creative routine? To announce Brazil's 44th Creative Club Annual, we tackled this very common issue during the creative process: anger.

Great ideas usually make people go mad. Mad because they didn't think of it before or just because new things are disturbing. But there's a lot of anger in the process before we come up with an idea that makes people go mad.

"You get really mad until you get an idea that makes people go mad."

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Pet peeves are kind of part of our job. But they make us angry. Very angry. So, we used some of these to call for entries for Brazil's 44th Creative Club Annual on social media.


"The perfect font that doesn’t have special characters."

"That workmate that reads over your shoulder."

"Look, I’m gonna give you a bad example."

"When they think your screen is touch."

"When it just sounds better in a foreign language."


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